Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm currently sitting with my 2 WIP tracks looping. I went to bed at like 12 last night so i managed to wake up for breakfast for once. Life is really boring. A typical day consists of:
6:30 Alarm goes off and i throw it across the room and fall asleep
7:20 I get up, shout shit and have a shower
8:00 leave on my bike for the train with ben
8:23 Get the train
8:47 Arrive late at school
9:00 Lessons and teachers having a go at me for not doing work
15:00 run for my train
15:11 Get the train
15:35 Home
17:30 Tea
10:30 Bed
Anywhere between 10:40 and 3:00am - Fall asleep

It's so boring.
Thorpe Park is in 20 days!!!

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