Friday, February 26, 2010


My (tiny) fanbase has almost grounded to a halt over the past 2 months. The only comments I get on any profile are mostly spam or friends. It's really depressing, with the amount of work I put in to my music to get so little out of it. Maybe I am just being too greedy for attention but I really think that I can't go on making music as much as I do if absolutly nothing is going to come out of it. I need to find a way to kick myself off again. MySpace used to be the answer but with the evolution of Facebook, Tom's social networking space seems to becoming something of the last decade. This would be fine, however Facebooks support for musicians is rather pathetic, with the need for identification before tracks can be uploaded to poor looking fan pages. Also, with the amount of stupid groups using music space, such as "I LOLD WHEN I SAW THIS ", musicians are being drowned out. I don't think facebook could ever provide the support for artists that MySpace did in it's heyday. Many popular bands today could still be in the shadows if it wasn't for MySpace and I think people are forgetting that a little too much. As I have said in a previous post, anyone can help me in my musical endeavours by telling their friends, posting links on their profiles on sites etc. It would be much appreciated for an artist who has been within 1070-80 friends and maximum 2 plays a day on MySpace for over 2 months now.

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