Friday, February 26, 2010


I haven't done a post in ages.

I redesigned the blog to fit in with my new logo. I will update the MySpace etc with it when i have some spare time.

I have been producing quite a lot of stuff recently, all techy-trancy electro house.

Stuff has really slowed down, I have been getting around 5 new friends a month on MySpace. If you can help me out by posting links to my profiles on your profiles or just sending a link to a friend then that would be very much appreciated!

I hope that I can get the ball rolling again as I have really let it slip recently (too much counter strike? :3)

I promise i'll keep this updated, 2 posts a week. If I don't just send me a little message on facebook or something reminding me!

School life is pretty poor, nothing much to do apart from work, work and work. After all this GCSE crap is over I really want to get back in the game, bigger than ever.

Expect some pretty massive stuff in the next few months!


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